DEMO 2015

by headrush

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released September 18, 2015

Recorded and mastered by Davis Maxwell

Artwork by Alex Pak



all rights reserved


headrush St. Catharines, Ontario


Conner - Vocals
Dustin - Guitar
Matt - Drums
Niah - Bass

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Track Name: Waste
there are no heights, only fluxing depths. alive but being bit through all actions depressed. expecting too much, results? not enough. nobody survives being a fucking crutch.

waste of fucking space

everything built destroyed in seconds, traded dignity for acceptance
Track Name: Made to Suffer
the last time you get a second chance. hope you choke on the words you spit. born in the dirt and pushed back in it, no time to sit on the fence. don't you know when to shut your mouth? admit your fucking mistakes? how hard was it to keep pushing, even though you had a smile on your face? brought to terms
fucked since birth
hate monger
don't remember differences, all i see is what you get. nothing left to go on, nothing more to regret. i was made to suffer
Track Name: Hot Chips
heart stops, let the cattle flow in. fucking myself over, the only way to win. controlled minds fed bullshit lies, conflict of disinterest unfsatified. i bet you think you're fucking special, different from all the meloncholics. stay cheap, taste defeat. it's hard to think when on your knees

felt for too long i'm not scared of death, fighting uphill battles running out of breath.